... Rebooting...

Sup folks!

So yeah, I stopped playing 40k and blogging having just lost any interest in the game at the end of 6th. I'm not going to go on about why in length, but let's just say that the game turned into something that didn't offer the kind of play I wanted!

Since then I've been trying out a bunch of good games, including X-wing and Dicemasters and playing in the odd small tournament and doing pretty well getting 1st or 2nd. Sadly neither of these are very well supported locally so after changing games clubs a couple of times I've found my new thing - Warmachine! 

I've also decided that now is the time to start posting again, so I'm planning on putting up a mix of articles including list analysis, battle and tournament reports, links to interesting blogs from other sites and hobby posts. 

If anyone happens to stubble across the site please feel free to leave a comment!

Hobby: Rhino/Razorback Templates


I've been meaning to get round to making something like this for, oh, maybe 3 or more years now but spurred on by the looming 40kGT Final I've eventually gotten round to making some templates for exploded rhino-chassis vehicles.