40kGT Final - Results

Phew! Well the final is done and congrats to Josh Roberts on 1st place with beast-star.

I had a great time, playing 6 tough games against 6 quality opponents (including the winner of the last two finals and three members of Scotland's ETC team) fighting through 2 beast-stars, a screamer-star, 2 Tau lists and a Tiggy+Coteaz marine list to make a mid-table finish. I'm happy with that given that I've only played maybe 12 times since the qualifier in October (pesky real life!) and am still fairly new to the tournament scene. I know I could do better with more practice though!

Great to see Mike and Luke from Death or Glory and a huge thank you to the Brighton Warlords guys for letting me tag along. Lee was a legend for stepping up to the plate at short notice and driving after Pete injured his leg and me, Will and Alex tucked into the back for a very cosy 5 hour drive up from the south coast. Great guys and a good fun journey.

The venue was awesome, even if it was freezing! Playing in a church really suited the gothic atmosphere of the 40k universe and there was plenty of space around the tables which was a treat compared to the spacing at Brighton. I did find it a bit odd that they'd put a shop in the apse and had made the alter the till though! All the tables had a decent amount of terrain and the venue had an on site cafe too, so no complaints there. There was even morning doughnuts and a large subway lunch included both days, which really helped save time between games.

Looking at the range of armies deathstars made up about 7/10 of the top 10 armies. In total I think about 1/5 of the armies included a deathstar, including:

7 beast-stars (5 made top 10, including 1st and 2nd)
2+ screamer council (including 3rdand 8th place)
1 centurion-star (4th place)
At least 1 Farsight-bomb

However, there were very few fliers in total and AV13+ spam lists. The lack of fliers is likely due to the allowance of Forge World and the threat of sabres and hyperios launchers. Saying that, very few people bought these either! I was expecting more Forge World, with only two players (including myself) running thudds and I only recall seeing a few other FW units all weekend, which included a necron pylon and a sicarius.

Overall the whole event ran really smoothly thanks to the very well organised and friendly TOs. Good job chaps! I am currently writing up the games and some post-tournament analysis and will also put up some photos of the the best painted armies and terrain as separate post.

Thanks to all the 40kGT team for a great event and I definitely hope to make it back next year!


  1. Do you know where I can get more detail on these lists? I would live to find out the details of the beast stars as well as the 3rd/4th place lists.

    I also can't wait for the bat repls and analysis of your army, especially the saber platforms, as I am just starting to use them myself.

    Well done on the performance though, as it sounds like there was some tough competition.

    1. Hi Mr.darkness, thanks for stopping by! I will be including each of my opponent's lists with the reports as I copies of all of these (including the two beast-stars). And thanks, yes the games were tough - just how I like it!

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    1. Thanks dude. Looking forward to our next game. It's been too long!