Hobby: Rhino/Razorback Templates


I've been meaning to get round to making something like this for, oh, maybe 3 or more years now but spurred on by the looming 40kGT Final I've eventually gotten round to making some templates for exploded rhino-chassis vehicles.

List-Fu: 1650 SW+IG+INQ for GT Final

CMON, Beamo (GW)

I thought I'd put up the list that I'm working on for the 40k GT finals in March. This list has developed from the thinking behind this post and the following discussions on the blog and at the club, so thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts (Coyote, hornywingythingy and Jamie in particular).

List-Fu: Caledonian '14 Uprising Lists

Thought I'd share this link to the army lists for the upcoming Caledonian Uprising. For anyone interested in the sort of dirty lists they might be facing in the UK, this is a good indication of what is popular among the competitive crowd at the moment. Enjoy and good luck anyone going!

FW allowed at GW's Throne of Skulls

Games Workshop have now confirmed that Forge World units are allowed at their Throne of Skulls event.