List-Fu: Andrew Gonyo, 1st at BFS

Here is a link to Andrew Gonyo's winning list at Battle For Salvation, courtesy of The Rules Lawyers.

This is a very interesting list, incorporating MSU, mech and blob elements. Noticeable lack of meaningful psychic defence (no runic weapon/runes of warding), and relies on S6 heavy bolter razorbacks and psycannons for flyer defence. But it does come with a lot of shots. A lot. Plus decent scoring and mobility, I wonder if this is a clue as to where 6th is heading for marines?

Food For Thought: Razorbacks in 6th on YTTH

Next up we have Stelek's advice on razorbacks in 6th on Yes The Truth Hurts.

Mech has changed significantly in 6th (shock!). I'm still getting my head around the consequences of the changes, and have adapted my expectations and tactics having tried out both rhinos and razors for my Space Wolves with Grey Knight allies. A CONCEPTS: post about mech in 6th is to follow when it's ready...

Blogs: The Rules Lawyers

I've recently found The Rules Lawyers, and have immediately included this blog into my daily 40k reading. Thorough, considered and well argued, GiantKiller's posts are a very good read and include coverage of US tournaments, detailed list building and analysis and gaming concepts. Highly recommended.

Added Links

I've updated the links bar with a number of extra blogs, including The Warhammer Forum, The Rules Lawyers, Death or Glory and Sirlin.Net. Good stuff, so go check them out if you fancy it!

Food For Thought: MSU on 3++

I thought I'd start up a new series, Food For Thought, consisting of quick posts highlighting interesting blog posts I find.

To kick us off, Kirby on 3++ on Multiple Small Units (MSU) in 6th.

Having recently competed in my first competitive tournament, the 40kUK GT Heat 1 at Brighton, with a Space Wolves and Grey Knights MSU mech list, this is a topic I'm particularly interested in!