List-Fu: Australian Masters 2012

3++ is the New Black

The Wolves were out in force at the recent Australian Masters, with Dave Teoh taking 1st with a Logan list. I haven't been able to find a breakdown of the list anywhere as yet, but will add this if I can get my hands on it!

3++ have covered the event in some detail, including the majority of the other lists and the overall rankings.

I find it very interesting that of the 16 armies present, while the flavour of the month screamer and flamer heavy Daemon lists placed very well (3 out of the 4 Daemon list placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th), and 'Cron air also featured heavily in the top half, Space Wolves were the marine army of choice, once again showing the strength of the codex.

I would note, however, that if you look at final standings you will see that with the exception of Dave Taoh, all of the other Wolves lists place in bottom half.

I'm not sure if any concrete conclusions can be drawn from these overall lists, although it is tempting to suggest that MEQs are still working on how to beat the current Daemon and Necron lists, even when trying to switch up mobility options by using drop pods.

Anyway, congrats to Dave for bringing home the win at a very competitive event, and another major win for the Wolves!

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