List-Fu: Space Wolves and Imperial Guard for 40kGT Heat 2

Do I need this?

So I've been analysing my games at Brighton and thinking more about the list. There is one particular unit that on further reflection I don't think I've betting the most out of – the plasma Company Command Squad (CCS) in the chimera. This unit fills the compulsory HQ slot, provides mobile high strength, low AP shooting and orders. The multi-laser and heavy flamer are really a bonus and the chimera adds to the light mech saturation.

What I've found is that I tend to use the CCS in a backfield role, keeping within 12” of my heavy quad launchers (aka thudd guns), usually giving them the Fire On My Target order and forcing successful cover saves to be re-rolled for the target enemy unit. I also like the option to try a Bring It Down for re-rolls to hit with the thudds if an MC or vehicle is sitting in the middle of a bunch of infantry when the rune priest is off using Perfect Timing elsewhere.

CCS (centre) between thudds (left) and where the fight will be (forward right)

However, I think that the unit is a bit conflicted in where it wants to be. With orders I want to hold back, but the plasmas and a transport mean that I want to push forward to get into rapid fire range. I don't think I'm really getting the most out of the unit in every game so I've started to think if there is a better way to spend the 100pts from the plasmas and chimera.

Hiding from Tau

So what do I need to add to the list?

Reviewing my games leading up to and at the tournament, I've noticed that in certain match-ups I want to be extremely defensive, at least for the first couple of turns before setting up late game objective grabs. For example, in my game against Sharon's extreme shooting Farsight Tau with Tau allies and my fourth game against Steve's Forge World Sisters and Imperial Guard I wanted to stay out of sight to minimise early casualties. In the face of an enemy that I know can out-shoot me I don't see this as a bad thing to do (especially if they get first turn), but I want to be able to do more damage whilst conserving my mobility and scoring units.

Tau castle sans bubblewrap

I also want to be able to punish anybody castling against me. In my last game at Brighton against Jeff's Tau, he deployed his vehicles in the extreme far corner behind a ruin and wisely kept all his squishy foot targets in reserve to avoid my thudds. I'd like to be able to threaten this sort of enemy deployment with a high strength pie-plate to force the decision between clumping to make the most of cover or spreading out to minimise blast casualties. I can already do this vs infantry with the horrendously efficient thudds, but I'd like to do the same against vehicles and multi-wound targets with T4 or below.

The answer is of course long range barrage, and I've started to dream of a second allied heavy support slot to allow me to take a manticore. This is not exactly breaking new ground, but with prescience these can be devastating. I suppose I could force myself to spend 50pts on the third thudd gun instead. Oh, well...

FW - Converting these guys for the Commander and MoO

But wait! Perhaps there is another way outside of the IG heavy support slot? Two options spring to mind – Marbo and the Master of Ordinance (MoO). I could fit in either with a bit of tweaking, and both provide a high strength, ordinance and barrage-like effect. I have considered the Pskyer Battle Squad (PBS), but I'm not sure that I want to rely on Ld9 psychic powers and deny the witch attempts on top of scatter and cover rolls.

Scratch-built las-sabres - not perfect but ok for now

So Marbo or the MoO+something else? I've said before that I'd like to add lascannon sabres at 1750 points and above for better punch vs AV13 at range. I could 'upgrade' a couple of hyperios for 30pts extra. I think this is a better deal than Marbo thanks to orders effecting the sabres and more turns shooting with the MoO (even if significantly less accurate), so I'll go with this and drop a couple of flamers from the Platoon Command Squad to cover the shortfall (still leaves them with two).

This leaves me with:

1650pts Space Wolves and Imperial Guard 40kUK GT Heat 2 List

Rune Priest, Jaws, Living Lightning
(IG) Company Command Squad, Master of Ordinance

4x 5 Grey Hunters, Razorback (Heavy Bolter), plasma gun
2x 5 Grey Hunters, Razorback (Heavy Bolter), melta gun
(IG) Platoon;
Platoon Command Squad, 2x flamer
2x Infantry Squad
2x 1 Sabre Defence Platform, lascannon, searchlight (IA Aeronautica)

3x 2 Hyperios Missile Launchers (IA Aeronautica)
(IG) Vendetta [130pts]

(IG) Heavy Quad Launcher Battery (3 guns with 9 crew) (IA 2 2nd Ed)


So I've lost three plasma guns, a chimera, a couple of hyperios and a couple of flamers, but gained 4 more S5 AP5 barrage blasts, two scoring las-sabres and an unpredictable S9 AP3 ordinance barrage large blast. This gives me more threat and punch at range, while hiding if required, and judging on how I'm playing the lists, I think I'll get more use out of this than what I've lost.

I've moved the Hyperios back to Fast Attack, as the GT have ruled that as the IA Aeronautica and IA12 units have different names, they are actually different units and one does not replace the other. This is excellent news, and I can definitely see the logic (especially when it helps me out!).

Another one of these then! Note this was not an in-game shot...

I was going to wait until the new Space Marine codex dropped, but from the rumours (which pretty much turned out to be correct!) I couldn't spot anything that made me want to swap the puppies out for marines just yet (although Tigerius and the initial Tactical doctrine every turn got very close...). I've had a couple of games with the revised list (managed a win vs a serpent spam list in relic and a win vs an Iron Hand drop pod army with 4 ironclad dreads in a 3 objective Crusade) and it already seems better suited to how I want to play the army, so I'm happy so far. The heat is only three weeks away now, so we'll see if this list is up to scratch soon enough...

Any thoughts or comments welcome!


  1. That's getting to be quite a nasty list there.... I wish fw did good units for non imperial armies, and I wish I could bring myself to play with FW if they did.....

  2. Thanks! My club and the closest tournaments to me allow FW, so it's pretty standard around here. Scratch building most of the models helps with the price tag too!

    The hardest thing is getting hold of and keeping up to date with the FW rules. The club has a library with all the GW codexes (just brilliant) but the FW books are so expensive that I'm never going to get or be able to borrow any more than a handful.

    I think this is the biggest problem with FW, it's a niche extension to a niche hobby, so there is very little general knowledge to get to prepare to play against it. At a tournament you just have to hope you can take it on board quickly and adapt your target priority on the fly!

    Saying that, I'm still learning and haven't even played against a number of normal codexes yet (apparently there are orks and tyrannids, right?). With the speed of releases in 6th, I think good research and knowing your own army is a lot easier than getting a broad range of experience because the change is so rapid (which I actually really like).

    I try to keep up to speed, but if all else fails I fall back on trying to classify an enemy as long/short range, mobile/static, glass hammer/grinder, TAC/rock etc. and attempt broader strategies like a) if there are only a few troops focus on these in objective missions, b) keep my distance and shoot short range armies, c) hide from or rush shooty armies and d) take the hits, don't give up and play the mission!

    If that fails, then I just enjoy the game, take the loss with a grin and learn what I can for next time!

  3. Lol, good attitudes to have! Sounds like a very good gaming club, my local group aren't quite so good, and don't really do tournaments or non fluffy events, which is a bit of a shock to me after my old club where everyone was trying to get to the top of their game, and help each other improve. Its a bit of a shame, but hopefully I will be able to find some like minded players as I settle in and continue to improve my game, I learnt nothing from my last few as they were effectively decided upon deployment/mission type.

    Yeah, I know, the meta is changing so quickly atm, I don't know how the top players keep up and still get a life! ;)

  4. Yeah, it's a good club. A fair mix of casual gamers with a few who occasionally head to tournaments. I'm trying to encourage people to think a bit more about their lists and why they do/don't work. Seems to be helping a bit!

  5. Not sure the win vs IH counts as I forgot most of their special rules and any of the tactics after turn 1, not my finest hour.........

    1. Easily done! I forgot to deploy my Rune Priest too, so I think we're even! Dealing with 4 AV13 dreads dropping perfectly 1" from my castle was still a challenge. Looking forward to the lucius pattern version for the next one!

  6. We all have them, I forgot all about my reserves in one game!