Food For Thought: Clear Writing

I find writing really difficult. Yeah, I know, I have a blog! One of my problems is that I don't write very quickly as I tend to think about things too much. I get a lot of associated thoughts (which is why I like to add comments in brackets like this!), so expressing myself clearly without tripping over myself can be tricky. This goes for talking too, but hey, what can you do! Another problem is that I have a tendency to use complicated language over simple words. This can get in the way of getting my point across succinctly clearly.

I was over at Sirlin's website getting a link for Playing To Win and happened upon these posts on clear writing found these: 

I find this articles really inspiring. Not just in helping me to write better, but in helping me think more clearly. And being able to think and communicate more clearly when your under pressure (oh, say, at a tournament) is a good thing.

I also liked his point about only writing when you have something to say. I'm trying to take this approach with my posts do this, rather than feel obligated like I have to stick to a schedule (sheesh, this simple language thing is hard. Just as well I'm not adding in unnecessary commentary. Ah, wait...). I'm trying to write when I want to, and only about topics that really interest me. I think this is better in the long run to avoid burnout. Oh, and having an internet connection for my laptop again is kinda useful too!

So if you have a blog or just want some tips I recommend taking a look.


  1. Thanks, Sentinel. I will check those links out. I have found that writing a blog post but not publishing it for a day or so helps. Reading over what you wrote a day later can really allow you to edit it to be much more coherent!

    1. Good advice there too, thanks. I hope you find the links interesting!

    2. I'm a serial non editor at times. My writing goes from highly legible and coherent to absolutely rushed and mistake ridden. Unsurprisingly, you can guess which of those are the posts I write in a few minutes.

    3. Before I started blogging I used to be fairly critical of writers who didn't seem to bother doing any basic checking, but I've come to appreciate that people typically do this in their own time for free and it's really up to them what kind of level of presentation they go for. Nobody's being forced to read the stuff! Also, some bloggers are dyslexic but still make the effort to post, which I have a lot of respect for.