List-Fu: GiantKiller's Chaos Deamons at 1850pts

So here's this week's list.

It's a streamlined version of the recent Feast of Blades list, branded 'unbeatable' by BOLS. GiantKiller has removed the tricks, bells and whistles (Fateweaver, The Masque) and instead gone for increased scoring. Mobile with high offensive potential from the screamers and flamers, and the plaguebearers are likely to last longer if you target the forward units that are ripping through your army. Nasty.

However, this list, as with some of it's variants, has no decent anti-flier units, is still affected by the usual deep strike defence tactics and is vulnerable to bad dice (preferred waves and scatters). As ever, I think good preparation will help. I suggest bringing a balanced list, thinking carefully about deployment, considering target priority and playing the mission (this will be obvious to some).

Any other suggestions or tips to beat this list are welcome!

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