List-Fu: Space Wolves with Imperial Guard

GiantKiller's Space Wolves with Imperial Guard list has got me thinking about how much fire support you need in 6th. And how much anti-flier. Oh, and how many troops. I think the answer, as always, is 'depends on what else is in your army and what is it trying to do'...

This list is predominantly a foot list with a single vendetta, and goes heavy on large slow foot units with some added close combat punch (lone wolves) and surprisingly little fire support (one unit of long fangs and a vendetta).

I played against a very similar list the the recent 40kUK GT Heat 1 at Brighton Warlords (the guy ended up in the top 10). Firstly, it's slow to play against! Lots of models and dice to roll (especially with re-rolls to hit and FNP for the blob). It also has limited mobility, with only the vendetta offering transport, so getting to those deep objectives could prove difficult.

However, it is strong on scoring bodies, which is helpful for objective missions, and it's also good for secondary objectives - Vendetta plus squad for linebreaker, getting to the warlord with LOS! and that many bodies is hard work, and there are no easy targets for first blood.

As GiantKiller puts it, the 'ubiquitous blob' seems to be increasingly popular (perhaps since Nova?). I wonder if there is an opportunity here though. I don't know the Imperial Guard codex very well, so I'd have to check this - but assuming that you're playing basic missions (as is standard in the UK) I wonder if the blob could be used for low objective and kill point missions (Relic, Emperor's Will and Purge the Alien), but split for multiple objective missions (Crusade, Big Guns Never Tire and The Scourging)? Not sure if you have to declare the blob at deployment, but it's an idea...

Anyway, an interesting list, and one that seems far removed from the typical 5th ed Space Wolves lists I'm used to. We'll have to see if this becomes popular, or whether fast close combat oriented armies, such as the new Chaos Space Marines, will prove a deterrent.

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