A New Challenger Approaches...

From The Fang

So, this is it! My first ever steps into the great blogoshpere! I intend this blog to be a place to record my development as a wargamer and hobbyist, as well as a handy place to find all the links to my favourite sites.

For those who are interested, I'm a returning gamer who's played a whole bunch of different games over the years, including 40k, Fantasy, Confrontation, MTG, D&D, Blood Bowl and Necromunda. I blame it all on Hero Quest for getting me hooked...

I've been collecting Space Wolves (again) for Warhammer 40k since late 2010, slowly painting them up and reading a lot of blogs, but it wasn't until early 2012 that I managed to get out of the house to play some games! I'm now gaming regularly at Walberton Wargamers and my local GW store in Worthing, and want to achieve two major milestones in my gaming career this year - firstly, to go to my first ever tournament and secondly, to finish painting an entire army up to 1500pts. Time will tell if I succeed!

I have no idea whether anyone will ever visit the site, but if you are here, then thank you for your interest and I hope that the blog gives you at least some food for thought!

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