Thunderwolves Go!

Here are some WIP pics of my Thunderwolf Cavalry. These guys are riding resin wolves from MaxMini in Poland, which I bought in 2010, well ahead of the release of the 'proper' models. As it's now 2012, you can appreciate it's taken a while for me to get round to building them, magnetized arms and all!

Close Combat Weapon and Storm Shield:

Close Combat Weapon and Bolt Pistol:

I also have a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield model already assembled and undercoated (black, no magnets), but let's just say that there won't be any images of him until I've applied at least a base coat, 'cos pure black just don't photograph well!

So this leaves me with a complete unit of 3 cavalry, ready to accompany my Wolf Guard Battle Leader for the first time tomorrow for a 1500pt game vs Blood Angles at Walberton Wargamers. I'll be using a modified version of my Siege of Sussex list, loosing the pod, two priests and CML, and adding in these bad boys, plus a multi-melta landspeeder I've (nearly!) completed assembling. Less long ranged firepower, replaced by some mini-deathstar goodness and fast blocking/melta threat. Not a perfect list, but good for a fun game nonetheless!

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