Space Wolves

So since I'm the new boy in town, I thought I should try to get to know my audience! I'm always interested in why people play. I'm assuming the answer will be 'for fun' for all of us, but what is fun?

Do you like to test yourself and your list building skills to the max? Are you an uber-competative type who likes to play tournament armies? Do blogs like YTTH and 3++ sound familiar?

Our perhaps you're a master painter or modeller? Countless layers of wet blending or hours with power tools and greenstuff your thing? Not adverse to a bit of colour theory? Sites like CMON get your vote?

Or maybe it's all about rolling dice with your mates, setting up that epic combat or bragging rights after a grudge match? Or crafting a gripping narrative, immersing yourself in a campaign, or writing your own fluff for your army? Warseer, Dakka, BOLS or B&C your thing?

Personally, I want to kick butt with an army of models I think are great, and have a good time doing it! So a strong mix of all of the above, I guess. Winning is great, but not everything, and I'd prefer a close game over a stomping. I love list writing and reading blogs, and now that I'm gaming again, want to get good enough to try my hand at some tournaments.

So how about it then guys? I have the feeling that when people play a game without agreeing on the focus, someone's gonna get burned! Or at least walk away with a stour taste in their mouth. Playing your super fluffy list against a tournament list? Good game!

Perhaps I'm wrong, and it doesn't happen at your club or with your mates. Maybe your group finds its own balance. Who knows! Anyway, I'd like to hear what you guy's think and what keeps you coming back for more!


  1. I like quick fun games and converting my figures... that's it really, i've fell out of love with "War" games, now I just play skirmish games or campaign games (e.g. Warmachine, Mordheim) and more advanced board games (e.g. not monopoly, thigs like Race for the Galaxy & Castle ravenloft)

  2. Have you ever played Blood Bowl? Sounds like it might be up your street. I'd like to start playing again as an alternative to 40k, so let me know if you want a game at the club on a Friday some time!

  3. I have played bloodbowl, and ran a 4 game tournament up in crawley. I actually found that people got really fed up of playing the same system over and over for 4 weeks which suprised me somewhat. Bloodbowl is a great game though, certainly one of GWs best.