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New Logo

So I'm back again and have been busy making a bunch of updates to the site. I've produced a blog logo, the side bars have been re-jigged (now with added sections for popular posts), a rolling blog list and a quick link to the GW and Forge World FAQs. I've added a bunch of blogs under the links section, updated the online shops section and finally got LinkWithin working (it might take some time to rank the blog posts, so deep apologies for the random links, especially the ones of the Megan Fox wallpapers...).

I've also singed up with Imperius Dominatus' UK Blogger's Network and to House of Paincakes (thanks to both), so hi to anyone visiting the site for the first time. Please feel free to leave comments and/or follow the site!

Future posts will include the next CONCEPTS: article, which will cover Tools - i.e. what I believe a take on all commers (TAC) list should look to include, Food For Thought posts from a range of top sites and more blog reviews.

Added to all this I've also set up a Facebook page as an easy way of posting up photos from games and hobby progress. This should be fairly quick to do, and I can produce dedicated battle reports and hobby articles with more depth for the blog when I have the time. Please check it out if you're interested and like the page if you, well, like it!

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy what's to come.

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