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From the Fang
From the Fang is best known as the home of the popular Blog Wars, a UK based 40k tournament with a twist. Initially started for (surprisingly) bloggers and their friends, it has developed beyond it's origins to offer all-comers a one day, special character oriented event. Given that a large number of attendees are still bloggers, the per-tournament internet banter can be entertaining!

The blog also offers a wealth of battle reports, hobby and tactical advice, and is increasingly a handy source of news and release rumours. On a personal note, From the Fang was also the first follower of this blog!

Whilst traffic is certainly picking up for me, but when compared to From the Fang's 2012 review, shown below, I've a long way to go yet...

From the Fang's stats


  1. Cheers for the mention. I'm still surprised anyone reads the blog! Especially when most of my posts are disgustingly long!

  2. No problem bud. I can hardly complain about long posts with the length of some of my articles! Besides, if it's interesting, why not? It's not like anyone is forced to read it!