Food For Thought: Target Priority on The Back 40k

sxc - bjearwicke

It is rare for me to come across a blog post that goes beyond the daily army list writing and unit discussion and steps back to take a look at the overarching fundamental strategies and tactics in the game. I try to do this with my CONCEPTS: articles, and it's so good to find others doing too.

This article by Spaguatyrine on The Back 40k on target priority not only ticks my boxes for a great thought provoking post, but goes above and beyond this with a open tactics challenge that the author responds to personally. I'd never seen anybody do this before like this, and it's just fantastic to read.

Target priority can be a remarkably tricky subject, as it is so dependent on what is a threat to your particular army winning the game at that particular point. What helps me hugely is knowing how my armies operate and what they are vulnerable to. I'm also trying to improve my knowledge of other armies to help me assess and identify threats, and my next CONCEPTS: article covers how I do this in more depth.

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