Brighton Singles this weekend!

1650pts SW&IG

So, the July Brighton Singles is this weekend and I'm ready for war!

I've been able to get all my models assembled and painted to a decent enough standard (actually I'm really pleased with the IG and hyperios launchers so far - hobby articles are on the way!), and I'm packed and ready to go.

Rules, FAQs and accessories

All the lists have been submitted and having had a look through everyone is bringing tough armies. Out of 43 players, there are a large number or Tau, plus a strong showing from Eldar, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves. There are a good number of well ranked players attending too, so I'm really looking forward to some hardcore games!

This is my first tournament of the year and second ever 'competitive' event, so I'm approaching this tournament as a learning experience and as practice for the GT in October. I know I need to get faster playing, particularly making decisions, and this will be a good test of my army against a wider range of armies and players than I'm used to. Time to put some theory into practice!

Breaking news - I've just found out that my first round opponent will be Sharon Reddy with Farsight Tau and Tau allies, playing Big Guns with Vanguard deployment. For those who don't follow the 40kGlobal podcast or the UK rankings, Sharon is a highly ranked long term Tau expert. Given the current strength of the codex and how well I expect the army to be played, this is going to be a very tough game.


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