Brighton Singles Tournament - Day Two Update

Going into day 2 with 2 wins and a draw, I found myself on table 3 paying against a very good Forge World Sisters and Imperial Guard list (sabres, Jacobus blob, lots of AV 13 with 3 exorcists and 2 repressors). If this sounds familiar, you'd be right as it was being played by Steve Attoe from the Death or Glory blog! The mission was Crusade (5 objectives) with Hammer and Anvil deployment, and turned out to be a good win for me. And yes, heavy quad launchers rock, especially with ignores cover.

The Death or Glory boys were doing well this weekend, and I was now playing Mike Marlow and his Dark Eldar and Eldar Barron beasts and venom spam army. With the general fall in popularity of mech in 6th, I can see why the army was doing well, in addition to being played by a very experienced general. We played Emperors Will with Dawn of War deployment, and with only primaries being used to decide games in this tournament, a draw was looking likely! I managed to seize and proceeded to hold off the onslaught for a draw. This was my first time playing against Dark Eldar, so I was learning as I went so I was happy to walk away with a draw on table 2.

Final game on table 6 was playing Purge the Alien, which is always tough (although not hopeless!) with my MSU lists. And to my joy, I was playing Tau again! At least it was Vanguard and not Hammer and Anvil... With their prevalence of ignores cover and line of sight weapons, Tau can easily finish of any squads trying to hide to conserve VPs. This turns a tough match into a nightmare, but I never give up without a fight! So I stormed the castle and when time was called Tau won by an unsurprising 5 VPs. Good game nonetheless!

I had a brilliant time, and I was surprised to be playing on the top tables. I ended up 11th overall out of 40, on 3:2:1 and 34/40 points for painting, so really happy with my results. Thanks to Pete and Brighton Warlords for a great event, and to all my opponents for some very enjoyable games!


  1. Well done! 11th against that field for only your second competitive tournie is very impressive! I can only hope I do that well if/when I start on tournies next year, looking forward to the hobby articles about the list and stuff!

  2. Thanks hornywingything, very pleased with the result. Plenty of hobby, battle report and list-fu material to come!

    1. Cool, got any other tournies planned this year other than the GT?

    2. There might be a club event or two, but I'm still waiting to see when these are. Time well tell!