More Blog Updates!

It's been a busy few months or so for the blog, with regular posts and a bunch of new followers (thanks guys!). I've been surprised and delighted to see that a few of the CONCEPTS: posts have made it into the House of Paincakes weekly top ten, so thanks to Von for the mentions.

As I threatened in my (late) New Years post, I've been approaching a load of blogs to add the site to their blogroll, with Faeit 21240k Kings, Claws and Fists kindly obliging. 40k War Zone even did so without asking (thanks chaps)! Still waiting on BoLS though... I'm regularly adding new links, including a great selection of blogs and the very handy MaxMini and Bitspudlo sites for alternative '28mm heroic scale miniature games' parts and models (no, I don't get a share of the profits!).

One of my 8 scratch built Hyperios Launchers
I'm loving using the Facebook page for quick updates. Writing battle reports in one sitting is so time consuming it's unreal, but doing a few paragraphs on my phone along with a photo is really easy and I can do this whenever I have a moment or two. I intend to collate each report into a full blog post when I'm ready, but if you want a sneak peak please check it out! I'm also putting my hobby progress up on the Facebook page too, and will put a selection up on the blog with some hints and tips when they're ready.

Overall I'm really pleased with how things are going, and I'm looking forward to what the coming months will bring. Thanks to everyone who's visited or left comments on the site, and I hope you keep coming back for more!

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