Brighton Singles Tournament - Day One Update

Tau Castle - Joy!

I return undefeated! I have to say this is thanks to a mix of strategy, luck and opponent's mistakes, but that's the game, right? Three great games so far and a lot of fun.

Three perfect aggressive deep strikes into my backfield - ouch!

So I'm 2-1-0 going into day two, just like the GT last year. Today saw me draw game one against a brutal Farsight Tau and Tau allies list in Big Guns/Vanguard, win Crusade/Hammer and Anvil against Zandreck/Oberon veiling Necrons, and win The Relic/Dawn of War against Fateweaver Demons (could have very easily been a draw).

Razorwall around The Relic

Definitely still need to speed up, and I'm expecting a hammering tomorrow, but we will see!

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